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Monthly Free Pattern: Imagination Pot Handle Cover

Updated: Feb 14

The “Imagination Pot Handle Coverpattern is also available as a premium PDF download on Ravelry.

The “Imagination Pot Handle Cover” is the perfect solution for those pot handles that get hot when in use. They slide onto the handle & stay put, unlike traditional pot holders,

which are often bulky & cumbersome to use.

This pattern is easy to adjust the width & length to make the perfect fit for your pot handles! They work great for cast iron pots!

Let your IMAGINATION run wild when you think about all the endless color options. You can make them in any color theme, including sport teams!!

Materials ➤ Yarn: 100% Cotton – #4 / Worsted Weight (Such as Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.) ➤ Yardage: 25-30 yds ➤ Hook: 4.0 mm ➤ Stitch Markers, Scissors, & Darning Needle

Stitches & Abbreviations US Terminology ➤ * * = Repeat stitch pattern between * * ➤ Ch# = Chain number of times specified ➤ St/Sts = Stitch/Stitches ➤ SS = Slip Stitch ➤ SC = Single Crochet ➤ DC = Double Crochet ➤ PUFF = Puff Stitch: *Yarn Over (YO), insert hook, YO, pull through stitch & draw up a loop.* Repeat 2 more times, for a total of 7 loops on your hook. YO, draw through 6 loops, YO draw through remaining 2 loops. See “Notes & Special Instructions” for an alternative PUFF st. Notes & Special Instructions ➤ Alternative PUFF st – For more stitch definition, you can use a 9-loop PUFF st: *Yarn Over (YO), insert hook, YO, pull through stitch & draw up a loop.* Repeat 3 more times, for a total of 9 loops on your hook. YO, draw through 8 loops, YO draw through remaining 2 loops. ➤ Stitch pattern increment is any EVEN number. ➤ This pattern can be made in all 1 color or 2 (or more) colors: If using multiple colors, alternate colors every round. ➤ Chains at beginning of a round/row NEVER count as a stitch. ➤ Total number of stitches per round/row in (#) at end. ➤ I tend to crochet TIGHT, so you may need to adjust your hook size to accommodate. ➤ I prefer to use the Chainless Beginning DC at the beginning of DC rows/rounds. Therefore, there will be NO Chain instructions on those rows. The first stitch in these rows/rounds will be noted as a regular DC. Use the method you prefer for the 1st stitch of these rows/rounds. Moogly Video Tutorial for the Chainless Beginning DC stitch ➤ I suggest using the invisible join for a seamless look when finishing off. Heart Hook Home video tutorial for Invisible Join

Gauge: 14 DC X 8 Rows = 4” square  (*not critical*)

Finished Size: ~1.75” W x 5” L

Imagination Pot Handle Cover Pattern


This piece is worked in Rounds.  

At the end of each round, SS to join & do NOT turn.


Magic Circle      OR     Ch3 & SS to join circle

Rnd 1:

NOTE:  You can adjust circumference by adjusting amount of starting sts to any EVEN increment.

Ch1, 6 SC in the circle.     (6)

Rnd 2:

REMINDER:  Pattern is written using a chainless beginning DC. Use your preferred method for the 1st DC.

[1 DC, 1 PUFF] in each st around.     (12)

Rnd 3:

Ch1, 1 SC in each st around.     (12)

Rnd 4:

1 DC in 1st st, 1 PUFF in next st.  1 DC in next st, 1 PUFF in next st.  Repeat around.     (12)

Rnds 5-16*:

NOTE:  To adjust length, +/- repeats of these 2 rnds.

Repeat Rnds 3-4.

Rnd 17:

Repeat Rnd 3.


Ch1, SS in next st.  Repeat around.  Use invisible join.     (12 SS & 12 Ch1)

Fasten off.  Weave in ends

Marsha YarnDoodles' Links This pattern is for personal use. You may NOT alter, sell, copy, transfer, trade, distribute, or claim this pattern or its images as your own. Feel free to sell finished products made with this pattern. Please credit @MarshaYarnDoodles as the pattern designer. This pattern is property of: @MarshaYarnDoodles. © 2023

I hope you enjoy this month’s Free Pattern! You can find all the Monthly Free Patterns HERE.

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