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Marsha of Marsha YarnDoodles with husband, Paul
Chicken Hot Pad crochet pattern

Hi!  My name is Marsha Sparks and I am the creative designer behind "Marsha YarnDoodles."

My 4 favorite jobs in life are being a Christian, a wife, a mom, and a crochet designer.

I live in beautiful middle-Tennessee with my wonderful husband of 35 years. In the early years of our marriage, I worked in good ol' Corporate USA.  I worked for Circuit City where I started out distributing reports, then became a computer operator.  After a few years of being an operator, I transitioned to installing, upgrading & supporting various software packages, and then I rounded out my career there as a supervisor of the Operations Support team.  After many years of working at Circuit City, I was blessed to become a stay-at-home mom and then homeschooled our child all the way through to high school graduation.  After I 'retired' from being a homeschool teacher, I found myself crocheting even more than ever ... which led to my current job of being a crochet designer.

My journey as a Crochet Designer began in February of 2020. 

As the world was unknowingly about to enter into a pandemic like we'd not seen in over 100 years, I was enjoying life in middle-TN, crocheting my heart out.

My passion is designing crochet patterns that make life easier & more enjoyable for you and your loved ones.  From hats and scarves to coasters and hot pads to shawls and blankets, I offer a variety of unique designs.

My sweet Mother-In-Law taught me the very basic crochet stitches years ago.  Since then I have learned many new stitches, how to read a pattern, and even how to “write” a pattern. My MIL passed away in 2017. She was my inspiration in many things and I wanted to honor her memory by becoming a crochet designer.

So, on her birthday in February of 2020, I published my first 2 patterns!!!!

> My first design was my Chicken Hot Pad and to this day it’s still my best seller!

On that same day I published a hat I designed in her memory, the Peggy Lou Hat.

PeggyLou Hat crochet pattern
Beauty of Tennessee
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