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LeeAnn Blanket

Updated: Feb 13

Introducing the “LeeAnn Blanket”

Do you like blankets with lots of glorious texture??

If so, I have the perfect crochet blanket pattern for you.

The gorgerous LeeAnn Blanket has a lot of wonderful texture, which is created by using a simple 2 row repeat.

When you add the beautiful border to all that gorgeous texture .... you have one AMAZING looking blanket.

Photo courtesy of tester Elisabeth

The pattern is easy to adjust size. You can really make any size blanket you want & use any weight yarn & corresponding hook size.

Check out a few of the amazing blankets my testers made!

Photo courtesy of tester Stephanie

Photo courtesy of tester Elisabeth

Photo courtesy of tester Barbi

I originally designed the LeeAnn stitch pattern for a shawl that I was making for my dear friend, LeeAnn. In the process, I absolutely fell in love with the stitch pattern, so I decided to make a few other of items with it too.

Here are some other LeeAnn patterns you might like:

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