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Bobbled Chevron Blanket

Updated: Feb 9

Introducing the

Bobbled Chevron Blanket

The texture of this blanket is simply dreamy!!

It’s the perfect blanket for bundling up for a restful sleep. Just picture enjoying some cozy “me time” while wrapped up in these beautiful bobbles, sipping your beverage of choice and enjoying some quiet time.

Photo courtesy of tester Stephanie

The pattern is easily adaptable for making larger or smaller sizes.

So this blanket, even though it was designed with Super Bulky/#6 yarn, can be made with most any weight yarn of your choice (and corresponding hook size).

This blanket looks wonderful in all sorts of color combinations.

Photo courtesy of tester Elisabeth

Materials: ➤Yarn: #6 / Super Bulky ➤Yardage: 1000-1100 yds ➤Hook: 9mm NOTE: For similar size blanket with #4 / Worsted Weight yarn & 6.0mm hook:

~1550-1650 yds

 Photo courtesy of tester Barbara

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