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Johnna Collection

Updated: Feb 12


These lovely chunky accessories are perfect cool weather!

This line of accessories was designed for a dear friend, Johnna, who ordered a chunky headband.

I had so much fun designing the headband that I couldn’t stop there.

I went on to design matching wristers & keyhole scarf too.

They are made with Chunky/Bulky (#5) weight yarn, so they are sure to keep you warm & cozy! Since they are made with thick yarn & a big hook, they also work up quickly!

Johnna Twisted Headband

Johnna Wristers

Johnna Keyhole Scarf

If you’ve never worn a keyhole scarf, you don’t know what you’re missing!

It gives you the normal warmth of a scarf without having to worry about it coming untied or falling off. Johnna Collection on Ravelry

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