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Hidden Flowers Bottle Carrier

Updated: Feb 12

Introducing the

“Hidden Flowers Bottle Carrier”

What’s not to love about a bottle carrier that is cute AND super adjustable!

Buttons are added to the side and the strap is designed to use the spaces between stitches as button holes.

This allows length of the strap to be easily adjusted to make it comfortable to wear on your shoulder, forearm, wrist, or anywhere in between!

The pattern gives instructions to make the bottle carrier in 2 different sizes:

Small – fits a standard (16.9oz) bottle of water.

Large – fits an insulated thermos (like a Yeti/Ozark) that is ~3.5” across the bottom.

It can be made all in 1 color or you can change colors to reveal the “HIDDEN FLOWERS.”

The color combos are endless!

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