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Chicken Hot Pad

Updated: Feb 14

Introducing the Chicken Hot Pad

These adorable Chicken Hot Pads are sure to please all the chicken lovers in your life. They make cute decorations for any kitchen and make great gifts too! Ideal for traditional style farm house kitchens, Easter gifts or housewarming presents.

They are made with 100% cotton. When made with 1 strand they are more for decoration or as a dishcloth. If you want to actually use it as a pot holder or hot pad, you should use 2 strands for better heat protection.

*Below photos are courtesy of tester Stephanie.

Materials needed:

Hook sizes: 5.0mm & 3.75mm Yarn: 100% 4-ply cotton yarn. (Suggested yarns: Sugar‘n Cream or Peaches & Cream) -Main Color: Approximately 95yds -Accent Color: Approximately 30yds for the shell skirt. -Red: A little bit for comb & waddle. -Yellow: A little bit for the beak.

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