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Bowl Cozy

Updated: Feb 9

Introducing the Bowl Cozy

This microwavable bowl cozy will be the best addition to your kitchen EVER!

I promise, you will want to use these Bowl Cozies all the time to prevent coming in contact with your HOT microwaved bowls. It’s made with 100% cotton and acts as a built-in potholder around your bowl. Simply set your bowl of yummy food in it, pop it in the microwave and no more burnt fingers when you remove it from the microwave.

They are great for holding a hot bowl in your lap or feeding an elderly or bedridden person. And they are machine washable for easy care! You won’t regret making some of these!! They would make great wedding or housewarming gifts too!

Finished Size:~3” Tall X 4” Wide on the bottom & 6” Wide on the top

A Corelle soup bowl fits perfectly in this bowl cozy.

Skill Level:  Easy/Beginner

This pattern offers 3 different border options to pick from to give just the right finishing touch to your bowl cozy. *The following photos are all courtesy of tester Cherri.

Shell Border 

Small Triangles Border

Large Triangle Border

Materials: Yarn: 100% 4-ply cotton yarn (Suggested yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream or Peaches & Cream)

*WARNING: If bowl cozy is in the microwave for too long, it could catch fire. Yardage: ~90-100 yards Hook: 4.5mm

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