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60 Minute (or less) Scrap Blog Hop

Updated: Apr 26

Welcome to the 60 Minute (or less) Scrap Blog Hop, sponsored by Sweet Potato 3!

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Each of the 14 talented designers participating will feature a brand new pattern that uses multiple colors of "scrap" yarn.

And the best part is ...

every pattern is FREE (for a limited time).

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, you can get my brand new "Imagination Beaded Glass Cover" crochet pattern!

If you're tired of all those annoying bugs getting in your drink when you're trying to enjoy it in the great outdoors, then the "Imagination Beaded Glass Covers" are just what you need.

It's the perfect addition to your outside entertainment, whether it be camping, picnics, or on your patio, to cover your drinking glasses/cups/mugs/etc to keep those pesty bugs out of it! The beads will help keep the cover in place if it's a little windy. You'll find yourself using these beautiful beaded glass covers all during the warm weather!

They'd be perfect for summer markets and hostess gifts too!

They look great, whether you make them in multiple colors or just one.


➤Yarn:  3 / Light Worsted Weight (cotton)

➤Yardage:   25-30 yds (per glass cover)

➤Hook:  4.0 mm

➤Other:  (16+) Beads & Dental Threader Floss

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to download the pattern.

At checkout use this code to get the pattern for FREE: 60MINUTEPROJECT

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You can find instructions on how to add "beaded chain fringe" HERE.

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