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How to add Beaded Chain Fringe

I love the look of 'beaded chain fringe.' It looks so fun & funky! I used this technique to add this type of fringe to my "Imagination Beaded Glass Covers."

"Imagination Beaded Glass Covers"

If you're tired of all those annoying bugs getting in your drink when you're trying to enjoy it in the great outdoors, then the "Imagination Beaded Glass Covers" are just what you need. It's the perfect addition to your outside entertainment, whether it be camping, picnics, or on your patio, to cover your drinking glasses/cups/mugs/etc to keep those pesty bugs out of it! The beads will help keep the cover in place if it's a little windy. You'll find yourself using these beautiful beaded glass covers all during the warm weather! They'd be perfect for summer markets and hostess gifts too!


➤Yarn: Cotton (#3/Light Worsted or # 4 / Worsted Weight)

NOTE: # 4 / WW will result in a slightly larger & stiffer glass cover.

➤Yardage: 60-75 yds (per glass cover)

➤Hook: 4.5 mm

➤Other: (16+) Beads & Dental Threader Floss (or needle & thread)

Here's a photo tutorial for adding 'beaded chain fringe'.

Here's a video tutorial for adding 'beaded chain fringe'.

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