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Stark Difference Pocket Shawl

Updated: Feb 9

Introducing the

Stark Difference Pocket Shawl

If you like pocket shawls, then you will LOVE this one!

It combines the pocket shawl concept with the traditional triangular shape shawl, so it covers your back better to give you added warmth & comfort.

You will fall in love with the rich texture and unique shape of this shawl.

It can be made with or without beads on the pockets. Either way, it’s still beautiful!

Skill level: Advanced beginner – Intermediate

Materials: ▸Yarn: #5 / Chunky weight NOTE: This pattern also works well with a #4 / Worsted weight yarn. It will likely turn out a little shorter down the back. ▸Yardage: ~1000-1200 yards ▸Hooks: 6.5mm & 8.0mm NOTE: The #5 / Chunky yarn I used called for a 6.5mm, but I went up to 8.0mm on the body of the wrap for more drape. I used 6.5mm for the pockets. ▸OPTIONAL: 20 Beads (12 or 14mm size)

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