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Oh My Stars!

Updated: Feb 13

Show you’re “Proud to be an American” by adding some STARS to your Patriotic Holidays decor with these 3 patterns.

STAR Coasters

These adorable STAR shaped coasters will be sure to add a touch of fun to your home décor. Make them in Red, White, & Blue for a great addition to your Patriotic holiday decorations.

Materials: ▸Yarn: 100% Cotton ▸Yardage: 20-25 yds (per coaster) ▸Hook: 5.0 mm

STAR Dish/Wash Cloth

These fun STAR shaped cloths can be used in the kitchen to help make quick work of those dirty dishes!

And I bet your kiddos would love to use it in the bath too! Either place they will be sure to add a touch of fun to your home décor.

Materials: ▸Yarn: 100% Cotton ▸Yardage: 70-80 yds ▸Hook: 5.0mm

STAR Hot Pad

These useful STAR shaped hot pads (pot holders) will be sure to add a touch of Patriotic fun to your kitchen décor.

Whether you’re taking something hot out the oven or putting a hot pot on the table, these thick hot pads will look great while offering heat protection.

Materials: ▸Yarn: 100% Cotton (I used Sugar ‘n Cream.) NOTE: You will hold 2 strands together throughout the pattern for heat protection. ▸Yardage: 100-120 yds ▸Hook: 5.5mm

You can find all my STAR related patterns here: Star Coasters Star Dishcloth Star Hot Pad

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