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Mom’s Angel Slippers

Updated: Feb 12

These lovely cabled slippers were designed in memory of my dear mother.

You will feel like you’re walking on clouds when you wear them.

Have you ever had one of times in your life where you are at a loss for words, so you look for something you can DO instead? You know, like make a casserole for someone going through rough times or something like that. Unfortunately, late last year (2021) I found myself in the midst of one of those times.

My dear mother had been diagnosed with kidney & pancreatic cancer and it was very aggressively attacking her body. I sat by her bedside and watched her deteriorate a little more each day.

She always struggled with finding shoes that fit her comfortably, so I knew just the right thing I could DO for her.

I decided to pick up my hook and just a short time later


out came a beautiful pair of cabled slipper!

I thought that was a fitting thing to make for her since her feet would soon be walking on clouds!

I gave them to my mom before she got too sick to appreciate them.

These slippers are made from #4 / Worsted Weight yarn and look lovely in any color. The pattern is written to fit a Women US size 9/10, but is easily adjusted for other sizes. I have include a link to some size conversion charts to help in the resizing process.

Skill level: Intermediate (due to cables)

MATERIALS: ➤Yarn: #4/Worsted Weight (I used Red Heart Super Saver.) ➤Yardage: 240-280 yds ➤Hooks: 4.5mm (border around slipper edge) & 5.5mm (body of slipper)

I’m so thankful for crocheting, because it’s my stress reliever!!

I’m honored to say that she wore them in her final resting place.

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