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Happy Hen (Chicken) & Egg Coasters

Updated: Feb 13

These adorable Hen (Chicken) & Egg coasters are sure to please all the chicken lovers in your life.

They are stored in a ‘cast iron’ skillet for added charm. They make cute decorations for any kitchen and make great gifts too! Ideal for traditional style farm house kitchens, Easter gifts or housewarming presents.


▸Yarn: 100% 4-ply cotton yarn(Suggested yarns: Sugar ‘N Cream or Peaches ‘N Cream)


~75-100 yds of BLACK for the skillet

~25 yds of YELLOW per Egg yolk

~30-50 yds of WHITE per Egg

~180 yds of MAIN COLOR per Chicken

~20-30 yds of ACCENT COLOR per ChickenSmall amounts of red & yellow for chicken accents

▸Hook sizes: 5.0mm & 3.75mm 

Hen (Chicken) Coaster

Egg Coaster

Iron Skillet to store coasters in when not in use.

You can find all my Chicken related patterns here: Happy Hen (Chicken) & Egg Coasters Hot Chicks In Town Chicken Hot Pad

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