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Grab Nabber Oven Mitt

Updated: Feb 12

Introducing the

“Grab Nabber Oven Mitt”

This handy 100% cotton “Grab Nabber” Oven Mitt will be a great addition to your kitchen! The double-thickness of cotton yarn offers heat protection when grabbing and nabbing your hot pans/dishes from the oven.

Simply slip your fingers in one pouch & your thumb in the other and then you’re good to handle all those hot items in the kitchen.

It also doubles as a hot pad, when laid flat, to protect your counters/table from heat.


▸ Yarn: 100% 4-ply cotton yarn (Suggested yarn: Lily Sugar ‘N Cream) ▸ Yardage: ~100-120 yards (NOTE: Use 2 strands at same time throughout) ▸ Hook: 5.5mm

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