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FREE PATTERN: Basic Soap Sack

Updated: Feb 22

Introducing the “Basic Soap Sack”

Soap sacks are little pouches made from 100% cotton.

You simply put a bar of soap in it, use it as a washcloth, & then hang it from the loop to dry. It’s makes your soap last longer & the perfect solution to those little soap pieces that are hard to use.

They also make cute gifts when added to other SPA related items.

Soap Sacks are quick and easy to work up and are great way to use up scrap cotton yarn. They are an ideal item to crochet & donate to our homeless or to non-profit organizations.

You can find donation information here for:

Finished Size: ~ 5” tall x 3.5” wide


▸ Yarn: 100% 4-ply cotton yarn (suggested yarn: Sugars ‘N Cream or Peaches ‘N Cream) ▸ Yardage: 20 yards ▸ Hook: 5.0mm ▸ Scissors ▸ Darning Needle ▸ Stitch Markers

Stitches & Abbreviations:

US Terminology ▸ * * – Repeat stitch pattern between * ▸ Ch# – Chain the number noted ▸ SS – Slip Stitch ▸ SC – Single Crochet ▸ HDC – Half Double Crochet ▸ TLO – Third Loop Only of HDC Moogly Video Instructions ▸ DC – Double Crochet

Notes & Special Instructions:

▸ Ch 1 at beginning of Rnd does NOT count as a stitch. ▸ Total number of stitches per rnd will be the same throughout: 24 ▸ I tend to crochet TIGHT, so you may need to adjust your hook size &/or beginning number of stitches to accommodate. Note: Gauge is not critical for this item, but the finished sack should comfortably fit an average full size bar of soap (such as Ivory).

Soap Sack Pattern


You will be working into both sides of the starting chain.

Ch 11

Rnd 1:

1 SC in 2nd back bump from the hook, 1 SC in each back bump of starting chain,

3 SC in the last st, 1 SC in each stitch of back of starting chain, put 2 sc in last st,

SS to join to first SC.

Rnd 2:

Ch1, HDC in each st around, SS to join to first HDC.

Rnd 3:

NOTE: This entire round will be work in the TLO of the HDC.

Ch1, SC in each st around, SS to join to first SC.

Rnds 4-15:

Repeat Rounds 2 & 3 (6x)

Rnd 16:

Ch2, DC in each st around, SS to join to top of Ch2.

Rnd 17:

Ch1, 2 HDC in each st around.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Cord Pattern


Ch ~85

Row 1:

Ch1, 1 SC in 2nd back bump from the hook, 1 SC in each back bump of starting chain.

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Starting at 1 side of the sack, with the opposite end of the cord from your hook, thread cord in & out through the DC sts in the next to last row ending a few stitches from where you began.

Premium PDF on Ravelry

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