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Dancing Diamonds Pocket Shawl

Updated: Feb 22

Dancing Diamonds Pocket Shawl

In the Dancing Diamonds Shawl you will find 2 panels with smaller diamonds filling the inside of large diamonds. These Diamond panels frame the center section that is full of fun texture. The pattern stitch count is noted, so the length is easy to adjust. In addition to that, the center repeat rows have been identified to easily adjust the width as well.

Each shawl looks beautiful with or without pockets. If you decide to add pockets, I have included instructions on how to make them with or without beads, as well as some other possible modifications.

The Dancing Diamonds Shawl is the third pattern in my Diamond Shawl Collection. There are 4 shawls in this fabulous textured shawl collection. The pattern stitch count is the same for all of them, so you can mix & match the different “Diamond” panels and the ‘center’ panels of your choice to customize a shawl to your preferences.

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