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Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Updated: Feb 12

Introducing the

“Christmas Tree Wall Hanging”

Deck the WALLS with this elegant Christmas tree wall hanging.

Are you looking for something to crochet to add to your Christmas decorations? Well, look no further than this festive wall hanging.

You can make it all in one color or unleash your creativity and use multiple colors to customize it to your preferences.

This pattern offers 3 different ‘hanging’ options to finish it off in just the right style to accent your home decor!

This beautiful wall hanging is made with just 2 types of stitches.

If you can crochet a Single Crochet & a Bobble stitch (US terms), then you can make this awesome piece.

Check out a couple of the beautiful wall hangings my testers made:

Tested by Julie

Tested by Kelly

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