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Ozzy the Octopus Lovey

Updated: Feb 9

Ozzy is a precious octopus lovey that is perfect for children of all ages, big or small.

Ozzy was designed as part of a Cancer Awareness event. I chose to design an Octopus lovey because it has many arms to deliver comforting hugs to a little one as they travel the hard road of cancer treatments/etc.

Made with #5 / Bulky Weight

(Baby Bee Sweet Delight Chunky Yarn)

The goal was to make a relatively easy, quick to make, no-sew (with the exception of adding the facial features) AMI friend for little ones dealing with cancer … and Ozzy fits the bill!!

Made with #4 / Worsted Weight

(Red Heart Super Saver)

Ozzy can be made with most any size yarn, which will change the overall size. Instructions are given so you can customize the blanket portion to whatever length you like.

Materials ➤Yarn: #4 / Worsted Weight (Such as Red Heart Super Saver.) ➤Yardage: 175-200 yds ➤Hooks: 5.5mm (head), 4.5mm (eyes), 6.5mm (blanket) NOTE: For best results on head, use corresponding hook size for yarn being used. For better drape on the blanket part, go up 1mm hook size. ➤Other: Polyfill (or other stuffing) ➤Optional: Safety Eyes (Not recommended for children under 4 years old.)

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